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About this site · 08/19/2005

Jerry and Zeke

My name is Jerry Halstead and that’s Zeke the flying labrador.

I’m a software engineer that likes to work on electronics and mechanical devices. My background in electronics came from working at Radio Stations, USAF, FAA, and a number of Digital Audio companies. I’ve worked on cars for as long as I can remember.

In the fall of 1995 I decided to try my hand at converting an old gas powered automobile into an Electric Vehicle (EV).

The first time I’d been exposed to the concept was through an old Mother Earth News magazine article about a homemade hybrid: using a lawnmower engine and other scrap parts. Years would pass, the internet was born, and suddenly information about “niche” hobbies like EVs could readily be found on web sites and in news groups.

I read all of the books and magazines I could get my hands on and followed the on-line EVList discussion group. A few EV part suppliers showed up on the web. It was starting to look do-able.

But first a trip down to EV America, then located in Massachusetts, to talk to Bob Batson and see an EV first hand. For all of the interest and reading I’d never actually seen an EV! Bob was great help, as was seeing one of his professionally constructed EVs.

Jerry's EV

The rest of that story can be read in the weblog I kept at that time, here. Although there were a few bumps and false starts along the way I eventually finished the EV and drove it daily for over eight years.

In the fall of 2004 it was time to replace the EV’s batteries. It also needed four new tires and the salt of New England winters was starting to rust the undercarriage. It was time to make a new EV. The first EV was a four door sedan and a little on the heavy side. Given that it’s usually the dog and I commuting four miles to work, a much smaller and lighter car would suffice.

As I research and design the next EV, I’ll be posting the links, information, and my own design thoughts. I’d love to hear from you. Send your news, tips, or questions.

Should be a fun ride. Glad you could join us!